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Monthly Archives: Januar 2017

Einzelne: interviews with a anti-authoritarian comrade from bulgaria about the situation in society, antifascism and the BPA

We did 2 interviews with a comrade from bulgaria who was part of a infotour about a anual march of fascists in sofia. The so called „lukov“ march is one of the biggest in europe and the comrades want to inform and mobilize against it. ( maybe we can publish a link from a recording […]

Einzelne: Interview about the anarchist newspaper „antipolitika“ from the balkans

The interview is about the first issue of „antipolitika“, released in summer 2016 with the topic antimilitarism. The anarchist newspaper consists of statements and articles from ex-yugoslavia and greece and is dedicated towards a broader public. In dem Interview wird die erste Ausgabe des „antipolitika“ Zines mit dem Thema Anti-Militarismus besprochen, welche im Sommer 2016 […]